Bryan's Place August 2003

Beautiful view of Mt. Shasta on the way to Bryan's
Breakfast with Bryan, Elizabeth, Grant and Tiffany

Spontaneous laugh, Tiffany, taken by Grandmother Marlene
Grant loves to say "Cheese" and show his sweet smile
Bryan took Grant for a swimming lesson that canceled and while there he enjoyed the slides.
They have a lush vegetable garden every year.
Plum picking was fun!
Grant shows how big the pears were
Elizabeth and Tiffany enjoy tasting the pears
Then we picked yummy blackberries! But it was HOT!
Time to cool off! 
We got LOTS of blackberries, and a few scratches, quite worth the effort!
Clever Elizabeth baking and freezing pies
I think Phil was there, too. He takes most of the photos. Yum, yum! An excellent experience! 
Granddad, Grant, Tiffany and Grandmother, we were at a lovely waterfall p\on Mt. St. Helen's after hiking up looking for huckleberries.
While Grandad, Mom and Dad hiked a bit further, Tiffany, Grant and Grandmother made and launched "boats."
Next day, we had another outing to the Mt. Ranier. A passerby took this shot of all of us.
Bryan and Phil hiking towards the summit
Elizabeth and Bryan hiked the furthest in celebration of her birthday
Hope you enjoyed these fun snapshots. Visit these other photo albums in this website.

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