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Bright Rays

T his modern dream catcher utilizes an imperfect circle to represent the imperfect life. Front and back, the polished black ceramic attracts and reflects the bright rays of the Son, Jesus Christ as even the imperfect life may do. The web, made of silver strings and sculptured lines on the black surface, represent the wisdom and light of Jesus. The many openings in this web allow the multiple dreams of the modern person that will be good for him, while the silver strings trap those dreams that have no future. The seven feathers carved in the ceramic surface represent the perfect prayers and faith of the dreamer that will help the good dreams to become realities. Silver strings pour from the holes in the ring and support multiple beads representing the wisdom and knowledge that Jesus is willing to pour out on the dreamer to help realize the good dreams.   




A Gift to be Simple

The beauty of this dream catcher is its simplicity. It represents a simple life that has no grandiose plan, but is relying on a Higher Power to lead in the future. A leather band connects the outer ceramic circle, representing the power of God, with the inner circle, representing the simple, trusting life. Although life may seem insignificant, it is connected to the Power.

Natural leather strips form a simple web solidly connecting the strength of God with life of the simple person. Meanwhile sculpted feathers on both circles and the real flamingo feather represent the simple faith of the believer in God as the Best and Ultimate Guide in life. Additional leather strips stream from the life towards others, while the interspersed natural wooden beads represent how such a life brings blessings to each person it touches.  




Perfect Communion

T his Dream Catcher consists of two blue ceramic rings. The inner ring represents your life, and is connected by fine, strong leather links to the outer ring, representing God, who encircles you with his protecting power. Not only are you encircled by his power, but communication pours from Him to you and back in perfect communion.

N atural leather strips hold this dream catcher in space, while reflections of Godís character (smaller pieces of ceramics) extend down into a world that can only weakly reach up to receive, represented by the small beads and thin strips of leather. Stylized feather carvings on the outer circle represent the faith in Godís power to protect and guide in this life. 

May you always feel his warm protection and know He is there to guide you.  

Price: $350.00  




This Dream catcher is comprised of two wild rose ceramic disks. The inner represents the trusting soul. The two-pieced outer disk represents God, as revealed in Heaven (upper crescent) and through His child (Lower Crescent). Multiple turquoise strips, representing prayer and faith, connect the inner disk to God. God surrounds the soul, The Inner circle positioned within  the outer circle represents how God embraces  the soul with His arms of love.

Bright rays stream from the center opening of this Dream catcher, like the bright rays from the face of Jesus that illuminate and guide the soul's pathway. These rays are reflected back into the lives of those touched and loved by this believing soul. Though life may bring both good and bad dreams (the black and turquoise leather strips), yet both bad and good dreams may bring blessings (the knots and the varying size and colors of beads) to this child. The beautiful turquoise and black feathers represent the wisdom that comes through lifeís experiences that will guide in the future.  

Sunrise is NOT FOR SALE. It is in a personal collection.



The joyful life represented here continually beams. The perfect ceramic circle represents Jesus, the constant companion who fills the life with joy. The Woven web represents Jesus guidance that will help make the best choices in life. The ten strings, hanging from the borders of the circle represent the blessings  (beads) that flow from this life to others as a result of Jesus' presence. The center string represents perseverance in prayer, the large plume, faith. This life is quick to sing, slow to anger, swift to bless.  I created this at the time wildfires were raging in many places in Southern California and have dedicated this and its name to the many firefighters and support men and women who fought the fires, risking their lives for others. So, in this sense, it also represents this powerful quality. 



Broken Dreams

Nine black ceramic pieces represent this lift that once was broken - plans and dreams went awry until faith (represented by the black beads and feathers) brought the life back together securely in Jesus (the large red Sun. Now blessings (the red beads) flow from this life (flowing represented by the long black strips of leather) into the lives of all whose lives are touched by this life. Now Jesus gives this person the courage to go forward towards dreams that will never be broken again. 

This piece must be hung where only the face can be viewed. 



Copper Dreams

This dreamcatcher consists of ceramic pieces suspended by leather thongs within a copper circle. 

Although seemingly pulled in multiple directions (note the leather thongs pulling away from the center,) this life is firmly centered in Christ (central thong that ties the two sides together. This person trusts so strongly in God that  multiple openings (the eight circles) allow God into the heart to help mold and direct the life. The three black dipped beads are reminders of the pitfalls that await the soul and remind that it is important to cling to God.



This legend is simple. No matter how small the life (the small ring) may seem to be, when connected with God (leather tied upwards) by faith (the feathers), the life can be a blessing (the links from the smaller to the larger circle) to all those within reach. The warm browns of this ceramic piece emphasizes the warmth of the love this person shares freely with others.

This is my largest Dreamcatcher. 



This life seems to have started falling apart, but prayer (represented by the fluffy feathers) and strong faith in God (the larger feathers) held onto the piece keeping it from being lost. The remaining circle of this life, though once beginning to break up (frosting cobblestone) now is more beautiful than ever and able to extend blessings to others (the elongated beads.)

You can own this piece for only 




As you view this dream catcher, notice the strength of the colors, which denote the strength of character of this person, represented by the long blue central bead. Notice the light blue stylized spaces representing ďfeathers,Ē evidence of this personís faith in Jesus. Continual inner faith sustained this person through a time of great trial. Notice the blue and white clay beads (representing the trials that beat upon this person) but that have been reflected downward, away from the life. Notice also the streams of love (the blue strings) pouring in from Heaven (the dark blue areas) that have caught the life up and away from the trials, toward victory and a life led by the Spirit.

Price: $400




From a child, this life (the small circle) has been encircled by the power of God (the gold circle), and has been willing to let God lead (the purple webbing within the circle.) So long as this life remains connected to God (connection represented by the three leather straps,) it is safe. God protects this, His child, from the continual attacks and temptations of the world (represented by the leather straps that cannot penetrate the gold circle.) This child of God is truly heavenís royalty.

Price: $320




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