This is the tree we cut from our yard. It was huge. We had to use a ladder to decorate it.
Surprise! Phil bought us a 2005 Accord on December 23.
Our decorations
Christmas Eve at Helen and Scott's
After supper we relaxed and had worship
Helen and Scott
Christmas Spread at Helen and Scott's
Scott's family was there, His mom, Peggy, StepDad Larry, Brother Steven, Sister-in-law Terry and their two children, Sarah and Ryan
The tree was loaded. After we sang carols and had a special worship lead by Peggy, they opened all the gifts. 
Lavonne called while we were having worship and singing carols.
Steven, Terry and kids


Helen, Scott and Gareth
Peggy, Larry and all of their grandkids
Phil, Marlene and Gareth
Gloria and Gareth
The kids helped rip open most of the gifts, even the ones for other people. That seemed to be the most fun of all!
Sunday Morning, Dec. 26. Mommy kissing Santa Claus
We took pictures by the tree
Phil looking cheerful.
Phil got nuts
And a tie
Among other things, Marlene got warm pjs.
Gloria got a new hat. Looking coy...
December 26 we also opened gifts at Helen and Scott's. Gareth here is excited to start opening.
Phil opened our photo printer from Helen and Scott.
Helen and Scott displaying some of their gifts.
Playing with the Animal Park ride Phil got for Gareth.
Playing with the train set, Gareth got more pieces to add on and we tried them out. 
Time to set up and test Helen's Christmas gift from Scott.
Bryan and Elizabeth's package arrived Monday, December 27, extending the gift opening even further. Yummy Fuji cookies, a wedding DVD and photos.